Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"The Church is the Same Everywhere" - Except It's Not

A decade abroad - Norbert (By Common Consent)

Comment #18 is both hilarious and profound. 

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Gwennaëlle said...

Oh maaaaaaaaaan
this is what I have been trying to tell everybody since I came back from my mission.
I knew it BEFORE but after I was able to specify what I meant but nobody ever listen to me either here in France or on the net when I talk on mormon stories facebook wall for example.
I am tired, I gave up trying to explain to them.
As far as people are concerned here I just don't know how to tell them "nooooooooooo don't go there" as they are trying to imitate more and more the worse of Utah.

I love this article. Oh man I love it.

But how to explain to people in France that we are sliding toward something that is really bad and as nothing to do with the gospel?