Saturday, August 20, 2011

Simple Prayer Request

It's really intriguing how often my New Year's Resolution for the month has paralleled my actual life.  Actually, it would be more accurate to say that my life has paralleled my resolutions, as I will explain. 

I say it is intriguing, because I choose my monthly New Year's Resolutions at the beginning of the year - meaning most of them are chosen substantially before my life catches up to them and shows me why I was prompted to choose them in the first place.  I would say that each year I have been pursuing this resolution format, there have been at least two months where the resolution is so spot-on for the events of the month that I simply must conclude that my mind was inspired to structure my resolutions for the year in such a way as to be working on those specifics traits at the very time I would need most to be focused on them.

This has been one such month.

"To set my heart less upon the things of the world" has been . . . challenging . . . to say the least.  We probably have had a higher number of unique opportunities to internalize this resolution this month than at any time in the last few years.  In fact, it might not be hyperbole to say that there has been a unique combination of opportunities this month that, in a real way, has been more all-encompassing than perhaps at any other time in our lives - and it's not over yet.

In that vein, I simply want to ask anyone who reads my blog regularly (or anyone else who reads this post) to keep us in your prayers.  We are OK.  In fact, we are more than OK.  We simply need insight and clarity with regard to a few things still. 

We appreciate it greatly. 


michelle said...

You got it.

(Is it ok to ask for the same in return? Lots on the mind right now to sort through.)

Matthew said...

For sure, consider it done, Ray!

Papa D said...


michelle, you got it. :)

michelle said...

thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

We'll do that--and remember that you're constantly on the prayer roll here. Suggestions for dealing with your month: 1: Go to the temple. 2: Go to the temple. 3: Go to the temple. Elder Widtsoe: "The busy person on the farm, in the shop, in the office, or in the household, who has his worries and troubles, can solve his problems better and more quickly in the house of the Lord than anywhere else.... and quite as large a blessing will come to him, for at the most unexpected moments, in or out of the temple, will come to him, as a revelation, the solution of the problems that vex his life." (The Utah Genealogical and Historical Magazine, Apr 1921, 63-64).

SilverRain said...

I'm definitely on board.

Anonymous said...

With you Ray.Wish it got easier for us all.

Joy cometh in the morning.

Barbara said...

Praying for you. Love your insights.