Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Should Those Who Don't Believe Fully Stay in the LDS Church?

Honorable Reasons - J. Nelson Seawright (By Common Consent)


ji said...

Those who don't fully believe, but who would like to believe, should certainly stay.

Those who can help build the faith of others should certainly stay.

Those for whom Mormonism is wholly cultural and who actually and purposefully try to harm the faith of honest seekers and believers would do a kindness by leaving, at least for a season. Or if they stay, which is fine as our meetings are open to the public, one might hope they would be honest and present themselves as ones for whom Mormonism is wholly cultural who purposefully try to harm the faith of others. There is nothing wrong with a wolf being a wolf -- that's fair -- but a wolf in sheep's clothing is dangerous and must be recognized as such.

Not all cultural Mormons are dangerous to the faith of others. Someone who comes among us (or has always been there, even back a few generations) because he or she likes the sociality and the singing and helps a little with the service projects and supports and sustains the spiritual growth of others is welcome among us, in my mind.

We all go through seasons in our lives. Maybe, one person goes through a season of intense spiritual growth, and later goes through a season of going through the motions. That's okay. Or someone else comes among us because they are accompanying a friend or spouse. That's okay.

Papa D said...

Amen, ji - and amen.

I will add only that I am saddened by how many people equate differing views of non-salvific issues with being a "wolf". ***I know you are not saying that - not at all,*** but I am saddened by that view. It is possible to be fully, and I mean FULLY, believing and not see everything in exactly the same way - and I wish deeply that all members realized that.