Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Often the Gospel Shines through and Overshadows the Class Members

I enjoy Sundays largely because I really have no expectations, so I am pleased by whatever good I feel and truth I learn. There are times when I don't get much out of talks and lessons, but I'm not expecting to learn anything new or be spiritually fed - so it's cool. However, often I really am inspired and taught.

For example, in Sacrament Meeting a few years ago, a young couple spoke on "Focusing on Christ and Spiritual Resolutions". It was awesome. The wife had been inactive for about 5 years; they have been married for about 2 years; the husband has been a member for 1 year; they were sealed a week before they spoke. They both talked about the process of their efforts to "come unto Christ" and the resolutions that were required to change their lives - and it was incredibly touching.

Also, I remember a time in High Priest group when a former Bishop and a former Branch President both said, essentially:

Even if I find out in the afterlife that the Church isn't true, I really like how it makes me a better person now.

Both statements were in the normal flow of conversation and only stood out to me because of other discussions in the Bloggernacle around that time. The lesson was on Christian Courage, and someone mentioned how it takes courage for those who have been persecuted in the past to risk further persecution from within the Church itself by defending others who are being mis-characterized and bad-mouthed - "like in a church meeting when someone says something bad or wrong about someone of another faith". He said, "We need to be willing to stand up for those people who aren't there to defend themselves."

I wish every week was like that (and it happens at some point most weeks at some point in my current ward), but I am encouraged that sometimes (often, in fact) the Gospel really does shine through and overpower the class.

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Matthew said...

We need to be willing to stand up for those people who aren't there to defend themselves.

This is super important. I am fortunate to live in a ward where it isn't often necessary, but there have been times. I think it is so important to remind ourselves that there is no other - we are ALL children of Heavenly Parents.