Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Simplistic, Summary Explanation of the Word of Wisdom

For what it's worth, I view the Word of Wisdom in three ways:

1) Divinely inspired warnings about addictions that would be exploited greatly in the future and prey on the weak - which I think is spot-on.

2) General dietary counsel of the day, which can change over time - just like throughout scripture. (thus a total disregard in the temple recommend interview for consumption of meat now that freezers are nearly omnipresent and protein in available year-round in many parts of the world)

3) A cultural demarcation to "separate from the world".

I really believe the first one was inspired; the second is quite flexible; the third is no big deal for me, especially since I was born in the Church, have lived the Word of Wisdom all my life and see no real benefit from the alternative.

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ji said...

I like your approach -- I like all three explanations. I do not see it as the Lord's Law of Health.