Friday, September 2, 2011

Symbolism: Helpers in the Temple - and After Death

I view pretty much everything in the temple as symbolic. It's much more powerful and meaningful for me that way.

I think the symbolism of the "helper" in the temple is important and profound - and far too rarely considered as a powerful symbol. I've never worried one bit about remembering anything when I die, since even someone with severe dementia could go through the temple successfully as long as they could repeat what someone was whispering in their ear. (I know that's not the purpose of the temple, and it's not the practice in the temple, but I use it strictly to illustrate a narrow point.) I LOVE that aspect of the temple.

Since I think it's all symbolic anyway, and since I believe if any of it is literal we either will have perfect recall or someone standing next to us to help us, I don't fret about memorizing anything in the slightest. I have memorized most of the presentation, at least to the extent that I can anticipate the wording and know what's coming, but it's not something I put any conscious effort into doing. I am free to attend, try to open my mind to inspiration and simply "be" - in the presence of God.


Christy said...

I need to share this with my dad, who gets troubled because he has a hard time remembering. My mother, who was a temple worker, said that it was actually a letdown when she didn't need to prompt someone because they had it down.

Patty said...

When I finally came to the realization that there will always be someone there to help me (and who does so lovingly, willingly, and patiently!) I was much more able to focus on the symbolism, meaning, and beauty of the ordinance and not worry about whether or not I can remember. To say that is was a relief would be an understatement!

Gwennaƫlle said...

What? What? The temple is not literal?

Sorry. I need to be sarcastic to let some "steam" out. I am facing some very narrow minded attitudes in my life right now and...and...and blahhhhh.