Thursday, September 8, 2011

Forks and Spoons in Our Lives: Truly a Thought-Provoking Post

The following post is profound in and of itself, but the comments add some really amazing insights into the courses our lives take. Please read the post and the comments.

Life comes with forks, not spoons - Nat Kelly (Feminist Mormon Housewives)

I am highlighting one comment, in particular here, but it is not the only great one - or even "the best", necessarily.

"Corktree" said in comment #16:

I could have chosen to go to medical school despite having already started my family (not intentionally), and be in a very different position than I am today. Then again, maybe it wouldn’t have really changed the destination of my life. I agree with David, most of our decisions in life are spoons. It makes me think about how we habitually pray about each decision as though God is micromanaging our lives. I think, if the decision is a spoon, it matters not which side we lean toward. Both will curve toward a mutual ending. Maybe God cares which of the experiences gets us there, but I don’t think one is right or wrong. Few decisions are truly forks if you’re looking far enough down the road. But, of course, only God has an aerial view, so it makes sense to get confirmation of how vital a decision really is.


Gwennaƫlle said...

I really think there are a lot less forks than we want to believe and that forks are not always what we think.

I mean, it would be way too easy if we were smart enough or enough aware of the whole plan to tell what really are forks or spoons. I don't think we are all totally blind or stupid, though. I am sure that with experience of life we are able to decipher some things but I honestly believe it is both irrelevant and slightly dangerous to assert right now what is what.

Papa D said...

"I honestly believe it is both irrelevant and slightly dangerous to assert right now what is what."

Truly, we see through a glass, darkly.