Friday, September 9, 2011

Reflections on the Anniversay of the World Trade Center Bombing

The anniversary of the World Trade Center bombing is in two days, but, since it is on a Sunday this year, I won't be writing a post on that actual day.  As I thought about the event and how I experienced it personally, I remember being blown away by one particular song that was written about it shortly thereafter.  Most of you probably have heard it and are familiar with it, but I want to post a link to it and make one short point following the link. 

"Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning" - Alan Jackson

There are two ways to react when a tragic event occurs, especially when you feel attacked in some way.  First, as was expressed in other songs about the day when our world stopped turning, is anger and the desire for revenge.  Second, however, is an introspective look at our own lives and how "on track" they are.  It isn't easy to love those who persecute us, but it is a commandment - and, in order to fulfill that particular commandment, we simply MUST remember and believe that all of us really are children of the same God. 

This Sunday, may we remember just that - and may we ponder what we can do to love, in actual word AND deed, those whom we are not inclined naturally to love. 


Gwennaƫlle said...

What stroke me about this event is that all of a sudden we were able to reach to each other. This is because we knew we were experiencing the same thing and for once we were sure to be on the same "frequence".
We often think that selfishness prevent us from communicating and caring for others. I believe it is more because we are afraid of not knowing what to say or because we are afraid our caring feelings won't be accepted.
For a brief periode in our lives we have known for sure we could talk to strangers because we knew they were experiencing the same and for a brief period in time we were not afraid to express what is best and most tender in us.

Papa D said...

That is a great insight, Gwen. Thanks for sharing it.