Monday, June 25, 2012

Defining the Atonement

I realized that even after two recent posts on the Atonement, I actually hadn't defined that term concisely.  Therefore, the following is my best attempt to do so:

At heart, "atonement" (at-one-ment) means "to unify" or "to restore what is broken". If you posit a "Fall" (a separation from God), becoming "at one" would mean having what was fallen changed to an "unfallen" state, albeit not the exact same state as before the Fall - since we were not truly "one with God" in the pre-mortal life.

So, in essence, it means: 

becoming one with God - or uniting with God - or becoming fully godlike / godly.

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Matthew said...

Exactly - no real comment to add, but this is such a key understanding of what we are doing here - learning to be one with each other and with God.