Thursday, June 9, 2011

If Brigham and Orson Both Could Be Mormon, There Is a Place for ALL Who Believe, Despite Differences

The post I am linking is a new one - posted just yesterday.  I normally do not link to such new posts, but I beleve passionately in the concept it articulates and felt impressed to share it now.  I hope it resonates with and helps someone:

I am a Mormon - J. Stapley (By Common Consent) 

[Postscript: The comment thread is discouraging.  Feel free to skip it.]


Anonymous said...

Original post lovely,concept of 'apostasy porn' not so much.Ultimately serves as a lesson against indulging too much time on the internet.I limit my visits to a window of two hours a day at most.I have too much to do at home and elsewhere.Hope both Brigham and Orson were busy looking after their families and communities-I'm too busy to find out.

Rich Alger said...

There is no wonder why I follow your blog. I love this post (and have skipped the comments).

I love the scripture he quotes D&C 88:133. It is one of my favorites.