Saturday, January 31, 2009

Spiritual Alms in Practice: The Littlest Gestures Can Change Lives

I ran across a wonderful post on Blog Segullah (a literary masterpiece of a blog) that immediately brought to mind the concept of spiritual alms that has been the focus of my contemplation this month. In lieu of a long-winded examination of something that I've examined enough already, I thought I would link to the post and, along with the post from the 17th, let it speak for itself about the astounding power of simple, spiritual alms.

Please take the time to read the linked post. It puts everything I've been saying this month into the proper focus.

The Ugliest Girl in the World - "Blue" (Blog Segullah)

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Stephen said...

Nick looked at the boys and said, “Actually, that’s our friend, Blue.” His look and tone indicated to them that he knew exactly what they were doing, and that they’d better stop.

My kind of people.

My oldest daughter got ostracized by her social group at the school down the street for doing that sort of thing when they decided to pick on a disabled kid, but thought it was worth it.

I love my kid.