Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Church Develops and Makes Mistakes, Just Like Individuals Do

"Seventy years ago this Church was organized with six members. We commenced, so to speak, as an infant. We had our prejudices to combat. Our ignorance troubled us in regard to what the Lord intended to do and what He wanted us to do … We advanced to boyhood, and still we undoubtedly made some mistakes, which … generally arise from a …lack of experience. We understand very well, when we reflect back upon our own lives, that we did many foolish things when we were boys … Yet as we advanced, the experience of the past materially assisted us to avoid such mistakes as we had made in our boyhood. It has been so with the Church. Our errors have generally arisen from a lack of comprehending what the Lord required of us to do. But now we are pretty well along to manhood … When we examine ourselves, however, we discover that we are still not doing exactly as we ought to do, notwithstanding all our experience. We discern that there are things which we fail to do that the Lord expects us to perform, some of which He requires us to do in our boyhood. … While we congratulate ourselves in this direction, we certainly ought to feel that we have not yet arrived at perfection. There are many things for us to do yet.” (Lorenzo Snow: April 6, 1900)

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Patty said...

I think it's important to remember the culture and context that a religion is developed within. Just as the primitive church held cultural beliefs about women (not speaking in the church, length of hair or covering of head, etc.) the restored church has had some cultural beliefs and prejudices to overcome. I believe God has given us continuing revelation to help us past these limitations of human thought and move towards His ideal.