Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I Don't Want to be Required to See through Another Person's Glass

I hope we never get to the point in mortality that we formulate a Mormon theology that is so concrete that it makes us “creedal” in the classic sense of that word - where everyone is expected to understand everything the same way. I want general outlines and the freedom to wander around within them and see what hits me uniquely and individually – to come to experience God on a personal level and reach my own understanding what God wants of my mind and my heart.

In other words, I want to see through my own glass more clearly, but I don’t want to have someone hand me their glass and insist I see through it.


ji said...

You have a good way with words. I much appreciate this thought. It is so fundamentally important.

Clean Cut said...


Clean Cut said...

"I did not like the old man being called up for erring in doctrine. It looks too much like the Methodist, and not like the Latter-day Saints. Methodists have creeds which a man must believe or be asked out of their church. I want the liberty of thinking and believing as I please. It feels so good not to be trammeled. It does not prove that a man is not a good man because he errs in doctrine." (--Joseph Smith, History of the Church, 5:340)