Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jesus Today Would Be Teaching the Gay, the Disabled, the Divorced, the Homeless, the Illegal Immigrant.

Our Blue-Eyed Savior - nat kelly (Feminist Mormon Housewives)

This really is a thought-provoking post.  I hope that some of the wording in the post (or the blog name) doesn't over-shadow the central message of the post - which I really do believe needs to be understood more fully by all Christians, including those who are Mormon. It goes to the heart of Pres. Uchdorf's talk about being Jesus' hands - a talk I absolutely love. 

My comment in the linked thread is #9. One excerpt from it:

I think during the early-mid 1800’s, Jesus was Mormon - in the sense this post highlights. He isn’t anymore, and I actually am glad he isn’t - for various reasons. However, I wish as a Church writ large we understood better who he is right now and loved “him” better and more fully than we do.


wage slave said...

When we became a Church, we became an "ism" with ideological boundaries, and it changed how we treated the least among us. Yes, we condescended to them but we saw (and see) ourselves as not them.

For example we condone the death penalty, even though by our own standards we are literally putting Christ to death.

Anonymous said...

Of course he would, but please don't point this out because it conflicts with our sense of suburban smugness that we know all we need to know.

Anonymous said...

...and calling them to repentance (and the pharisees too)

Stephen said...

Nicely said.