Monday, May 7, 2012

How Can We Know That God Loves Us?

As for how we can know God loves us, that's something I think we individually have to see and feel and experience for ourselves.

In my own case, I can point to specific times when I truly feel like God has reached into my life and made themselves manifest - understanding that my choice of words to describe those experiences is slanted from the descriptions of my upbringing.  There are certain things I've experienced that I simply can't ascribe to anything other than God - or, more generically, the divine outside mortal understanding.  Those experiences have not been ones where I was slapped around indifferently, so I interpret them as evidence of God's love. 

How do I justify that or explain it when others are sold into slavery and prostitution as children - or suffer greatly and die of AIDS through no fault of their own - or are abused throughout their lives by someone close to them - or are raised in any environment of terror and/or deprivation?  I really can't - because I understand both experiences intellectually and have no idea, ultimately, why mine are mine and others' are others'. 

I don't know - so I am left with the classic definition of faith - the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

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wage slave said...

Western civilization treats nature and the cosmos as something to be understood and solved, but our species is completely unequipped to do any such thing. Life must needs be a mystery, and that's the allure of mortal existence. The not knowing and the free agency, where else can you go to experience such a thing first hand? Of course, if you're around long enough you notice that this game is rigged to the hilt. We are babes in the woods, but God will reach out his hand when a babe is in any real danger.