Monday, May 14, 2012

Contributing Requires Participation

I know this is unnecessary for most who read my blog, but for some reason I felt it should be said anyway:

Breaks from work and vacations are fine and necessary for many, but we still need to go to work on a regular basis if we are to contribute meaningfully to the company where we work - and if we are to get paid for working.

That applies to church and our spiritual lives, as well.


Patty said...

Amen. Our culture has such an emphasis on ease and pleasure that I think we sometimes lose sight of the fact that work is a good and necessary part of life, and that what we work on and for helps to develop who we are, and if we aren't present and contributing at church... who and what are we becoming?

Nora Ray said...

My husband is terminally ill and I have just been released from all my callings (we are on the east coast)so that I can care for him. Now every time I turn around I see postings about the importance of participating. I think Someone is trying to tell me not to allow myself to drift away just because I have nothing official to do. Thanks!

Papa D said...

Patty, and if we aren't participating (like not voting), we have absolutely no right to complain about how decisions are made. I want that right! *grin*

Nora Ray, you're welcome. There are SO many ways to serve in and contribute to the kingdom of God without a calling or something "official" to do. I'm going to give you the url for a post I wrote a while ago that, if modified to our communities in general, not just the Church, I think is directly relevant to your situation. I hope you come back and see it.

"Someone Needs You Every Single Day" (

Nora Ray said...

Thank you again. That is a beautiful post.