Saturday, July 11, 2009

Silent Saturday

I have been working in Missouri for the last month, while my family has remained in Cincinnati and prepared to move. (Yes, I understand completely that I had the easy part.) Last night, I returned to Ohio for the move next week.

I haven't seen my family in three weeks, and, as much as I love those who come here and read the thoughts I record, you just aren't a top priority today. Sorry. *grin* Therefore, I am dubbing this day, "Silent Saturday". (and it is, since I actually wrote this on Thursday and post-dated it - It's like cosmic light from Kolob; you see it long after it has eminated from its creator.)

So, to everyone who came here expecting something profound, I apologize; it ain't here today. All I have on Silent Saturday is:

Being able to spend time with your spouse and children is a precious gift.
Don't squander it.

I'm not squandering a moment of it this weekend. See you Monday.


Julia Murphy said...

Just moved to Heidelberg from St. Charles. One of the best camping spot is the tent camping at the Nauvoo campgrounds.. complete with hot showers. The sweet corn available in Alexandria is worth the drive - I'm sure it's good in Canton too. Good luck with your move. Mary Magdalene

Jami said...

Most profound Saturday Sentiment yet, Ray. Enjoy.

Papa D said...

I am, Jami. I am.

Julia, I drove right past Alexandria on my way to see friends in Keokuk. I'll have to stop and try the corn.

Christy said...

Good for you.

Anonymous said...

Is that all you had to say on my B-Day? tsk tsk tsk
Just kidding, hope you had a wonderful week end.