Monday, July 27, 2009

Multiply, Hide or Reject: The Parable of the Kingdoms of Heaven

Luke 19:26-27 is the final statement of a parable that describes the eternal fate of those who multiply what they have been given and those who don’t. As a third category, there is the additional comment in vs. 27 about those who simply won’t allow God to rule over them - those who reject Him completely, knowing He should be there ruler. (It is apparent from the wording [”would not that I should reign over them”] that it was an intentional choice they made.)

This parable of the pounds is used almost exclusively to discuss the idea of multiplying what one is given, but it is used rarely to illustrate the Mormon view of the various kingdoms of God.

In our terminology, the people who are ordered killed in the parable (verse 27) are the equivalent of the only ones we believe will receive spiritual death (complete removal from even the influence of God and total subjection to the devil) in what we term Outer Darkness - those who knew their ruler and simply refused to accept His reign.


Christy said...

I never saw the link to the kingdoms of heaven. Thank you for the insight!

Richard Alger said...

Thanks for pointing that out. It is another place the Lord tells us about how he will hold us accountable. I am so grateful for the grace of His covenant!