Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Men Don't Cry

Growing up, although it was not taught by my father, I heard “Men don’t cry” regularly. I, however, cry regularly when I am moved by the Spirit. (and before anyone trumpets the obligatory rejoinder, I understand very well the difference between what I just said and emotional manipulation) For me, as a male in our society, it is easier to accept sharing personal experiences that are positive than negative, since crying about the positive is seen as a sign of “spiritual sensitivity”, but crying about the negative is seen as a sign of weakness.

I think that’s a terrible shame.


In The Doghouse said...

Jesus wept. Real men do cry.

Tracy M said...

It is a terrible shame, Ray. Emotions are gifts from God to men and women. I'm glad you know that.

Christy said...

There are people who do not cry?

Anonymous said...

My convert friend said she had never seen men blubber and cry until after she joined the church. I don't think she was particularly impressed with her crying husband....she did divorce him.
I think it is a good thing that the church helps our men get in touch with their feelings about their family and their feelings about God and are encouraged to feel the spirit. It is however important that they not think that they have to "feel the spirit" exactly like everyone else so it may not always be as emotional as some of the crying testimony givers.