Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Do You Feel Like You're Sinking in Quicksand?

Valley of the Shadow of Depression - Kerry Blair (Six LDS Writers and a Frog)


Anonymous said...

A really positive contribution to this debate.The point that depression invariably accompanies chronic disease and that this then can effect the condition is a useful bit of thinking.I also think that pride can get in the way of our family's welfare when we think we should be able to do without the meds-ultimately selfish.By the same token i think it's important to consider that feelings come from somewhere and talking to a counsellor is an important part to building a solution-simply killing the feeling leaves us without important information that can be used for learning and deepening our intimacy in our families and with Heavenly Father.We are here to heal ourselves and to be healed,and to heal others in our turn.

Kerry Blair said...

Thanks for sharing my post -- I am honored. This is a compelling site.

I'm grateful, too, for the previous comment. The internal "Am I weak/prideful/selfish/not-quite-righteous-enough?" discussion can be all-consuming. I appreciate every insightful thought I come across.

Papa D said...

Anon, thanks for your comment. It really is something that needs much more undersatnding and love.

Kerry, I'm glad you found my blog. Feel free to read all the archived posts you like. *grin*