Monday, March 16, 2009

The Overlooked Heart of the Restoration

Even with the aid of the Restoration, we still “see through a glass, darkly” - but I personally believe we see a lot more clearly because of “The Restoration” (about so many more things than most people realize) than if it had not occurred. I see “The Restoration” as much more a re-introduction of the ability to continue to progress in our understanding than as a clear and comprehensive knowledge of all absolute truth - as a change from hardcore, creedal absolutism and dogmatism to an openness and willingness to learn from all inspired sources and embrace continuing revelation no matter the catalyst for that revelation - as the shattering of the calcified, apostate ideologies that had stopped spiritual progression and eliminated eternal progression as a possibility that could motivate and edify mankind both during mortality and on into the afterlife.

We would be much poorer without that foundational concept, and we are much richer even if that is the only benefit of the Restoration. I don't believe it is, but even that alone would be glorious.

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