Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mission Introduction Humor: Blogging Insight

I just told my son that I have heard from two other bloggers who know missionaries going to his mission starting the same day. He laughed and said:

Every time I transfer to a new area, I'm going to have to make sure my introduction includes the fact that I'm the son of the blogger known as "Ray" and "Papa D". I'm going to have built-in family friends on my mission.

I really like the Bloggernacle. It really makes a big world a little bit smaller.


Ben Pratt said...

Sorry for the confusion, but I think I was both of those bloggers!

I'm both MistaBen and Ben Pratt, and I didn't realize that you were both Papa D and Ray.

Still, without the bloggernacle we couldn't have made this single connection. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

You both are bigger than life, so it seems appropriate for each of you to be two bloggers. Still, that's not a bad introduction for your son to make -- there'll be smiles of recognition in some congregations, no doubt about it.

Anonymous said...

this has nothing to do with the subject of your post but you know...I am looking for a good guy for my 18 years old sister (studying law at university, thin, blond with blue/green/gray eyes, fluente in english and speaking Italian as well, she is very well mannered, sometimes a little too much and she can be funny once in a while, she plays the piano and she is good at some video games too) and since I think that you're a cool guy I told her about your son going on a mission. Of course I did not get much positive answer from her and I am pretty sure that she thought the same as you must be thinking reading my message.

Just wanted to make you laugh.

My sister does not need a mother or a father to find her a boyfriend and to embarrass her. She's got ME!