Friday, March 20, 2009

My Son's Mission Announcement!!


My oldest son received a large envelope from SLC a few minutes ago. Any guesses where he will be going before I post the details?

drum roll . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . the

Washington, Everett Mission (Northwest Washington State) - reporting on June 24th

(Aileen, I almost had a heart attack when he started by saying, "Washington". Almost.)


adamf said...

Hmm. Montana? That's where my dad said I was going... didn't happen of course, as I went to Japan.

What an exciting time!

Unknown said...

If it's anywhere near Washington DC, I think I may get some kind of goosebumps based on my postings to your blog today.

Good luck to him!

Papa D said...

adam, since I also went to Japan, I'd prefer that over Montana.

Aileen, I think that would be incredible - that or the greater Pittsburgh area, for much the same reason.

Sarah said...

Somewhere in South America. Is that too general? Like Argentina....or Brazil. Maybe Ecuador. Yay!!!

Rob and Crys said...


Unknown said...

Well, I've spent lots of years in the "other" Washington too. Two years in the Pacific Northwest surrounded by mountains and water -- well, there are worse places to be!

Glad the heart attack was stayed! Though that really would have been too funny (not the heart attack, rather the coincidence of the assignment).

Again prayers for you, your family and your son as you all begin this next stage of life.


Ben Pratt said...

Holy smokes! This is the THIRD call to Washington Everett reporting June 24th that I've heard about TODAY. My cousin is going there, and so is Ray's son, and they both report June 24th.

I'd heard they were beefing up the missions in this area (I live in the Seattle area), but this is amazing!

Papa D said...

MistaBen, I'm sorry to burst the bubble, but I am "Ray" throughout the Bloggernacle. I use "Papa D" here on my personal blog, because that's the nickname I got when my wife was the YW Pres. in our ward and was called Mama D by the young women.

What is your cousin's name? I'll make sure Ryan is looking for him.

Ben Pratt said...

Gotcha, Papa D.

For that matter, my blogger login is mistaben, but I'm really Ben Pratt.

My cousin is Kyle Pratt.