Saturday, March 21, 2009

Forget Forgiveness

Sorry, that title is just a way to say that I'm too excited about my son's mission call to write about forgiveness this weekend. So, for this weekend, at least, I am forgetting about forgiveness. *grin*

Washington, Everett Mission!!

My oldest is old enough to be going on a mission.

I'm now officially old.

**Shakes it off.**

Washington, Everett Mission!!

Can you tell I'm excited?


Clean Cut said...

Well, I'm completely biased being born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, but that is just one of the most beautiful places on planet earth. I've heard some people here in Texas say they could never live there cause they don't like the rain, but if it didn't rain so much it wouldn't be so green and gorgeous. I always thought the overcast days were cozy.

Congratulations on a call to serve!

Papa D said...

"if it didn't rain so much it wouldn't be so green and gorgeous"

Amen, brother! Amen.

I now have heard from at least two other bloggers who know someone else who was just called to that mission.

Matsby said...

I have always wanted to see Washington because everything I have ever heard about Washington and Oregon is how beautiful and temperate they are.

Anonymous said...

warm and temperate?? I'm living in the wrong part of Oregon, obviously, it's just plain mental weather where I live. It can't make up its mind what it is doing.
Congratulations, bro on your son's call; personally, you can be officially old, I'm officially in denial on that subject (and I'm a grandmother:D :D)
clearly I'm not anon., but it's the only one I could click on.

Papa D said...

anon, if you want to add an actual name or pseudonym and don't have the "Name/URL" option, feel free to do so as a "signature" after your comment.

Ray (like that)

Also, the following is why it's known as "Mother Nature":

"It can't make up its mind what it is doing." (**ducks, covers head and runs away laughing**)

Papa D said...

Gatsby, I don't remember visiting the Pacific Northwest wen I was very little, but I am looking forward in two years to picking him up and touring the area.

Rosalie Erekson Stone said...

We live in Texas in the winter (where half our grandchildren live), but we have spent the last two summers in a town that borders on the city of Everett (near the other half of our grandchildren). The Everett mission covers a beautiful area, and the members in our ward up there are very missionary-minded. :)

Your son is going to a great mission!