Thursday, September 24, 2015

Appreciating Differing Scriptural Interpretations: The Power of Likening

I've shared how I like to view various scriptural stories and texts a little differently than the traditional interpretations we hear regularly and had people complain that some of those views seem to be at odds with the intent of the original writers.  I simply respond that I have no problem with people seeing those stories and texts differently than I do, and I have no problem seeing them differently, perhaps, than the original authors did - since my views work for me and others' views work for them. 

When we collectively "liken all things unto ourselves", we are bound to end up with differing individual likenings - since those doing the likening are different than each other.  We are not likening ourselves to a story or text; we are likening the story or text to ourselves. 

I appreciate that distinction and the breadth of possibility it provides for people to understand God and scriptures in ways that make sense to, resonate with and empower themselves.

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