Monday, August 24, 2015

God Bless the Humble Bishops of the World

We weren't there from the beginning, but our ward in the Boston area when I was in college was created from parts of three different wards. There were multiple ward-level leaders with the same previous callings in the new ward, as well as two serving Bishops. The ward drew from a poor area, a middle-class area and a relatively rich area - as well as a working-class, relatively uneducated population and a highly educated, consciously intellectual area. The first couple of years were rough.

The man who was called to be the Bishop after the first few years was one of the most humble, loving, gentle men I have ever known. By the time we left that ward, after six years, it was a very united, loving ward. It became an example of what the Church can be at the local level, despite tremendous odds.

God bless the good, humble Bishops in the Church.  They carry burdens that I would not wish on anyone, and they set the tone for the wards in which they serve. 

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