Thursday, April 23, 2015

Undersatnding God: The Lens of Modern Technology and Embryonic Gods

There are a number of prophecies and general theological statements that become extremely interesting when viewed in terms of modern technology.

Just a few examples to consider: 

1) We now can conceptualize and accept the possibility of the creation of life completely outside of traditional sexual intercourse.  Thus, we can envision Heavenly Parents creating "spirit children" in ways that would have been called science fiction in the past. 

2) We now can conceptualize and accept the possibility of being so inter-connected and aware (satellite news feeds, Facebook, video chat, text messages, etc.) that it is possible to see and know everything that happens around the world - and, by extension, eventually, throughout all creation;

3) We now can conceptualize and accept the possibility of lots of "godly" things that were dismissed as unknowable and mysterious only a relatively short time ago, much less hundreds or thousands of years ago. 

I'm going to say this carefully, but we, as "normal humans", now are closer in some ways to how God has been described in ancient scriptures - and that is both an exhilarating and frightening thing. For example, it's one thing to fight like animals, unaware of the world at large and with little effect on it, but it's another thing entirely to fight like mythological gods, with the literal power to exterminate the entire species (and more) while understanding it is being done.

"Ye are gods, and children of the Most High God" is more understandable now than at any previous point in history.  The central question for me is:

What kind of gods will we be - or, through our actions, who will be able to say:

I am the God of this world. 

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