Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Short Post about Depression and Robin Williams' Death

I've been thinking about how to write about my feelings regarding Robin Williams' death. 

First, I loathe it when stats concerning the legal use of anti-depressants are used as criticism of any kind.  I am so glad such use is becoming more acceptable, and criticism of any kind only furthers the stigmatization of depression and discourages people from getting the help they need. 

Second, I love so much of Robin Williams' work, but my favorite scene of any of his movies was near the end of "What Dreams May Come" - when he apologizes to his wife for leaving her when she was institutionalized and promises not to leave her again, even if that means he will spend eternity in Hell with her. It hit me hard, because that's how I feel about my wife: I would rather live with her in Hell than be alone in Heaven. Life would be too dark without her, even in Heaven.

The world just got a little darker, but Heaven just got a little lighter. May we each, in our own way, make Earth a little lighter – and may we NEVER add to the darkness of those who fight the dragon of depression. 


Christy said...

Can we (as in the general public) talk about mental health now? We thought that maybe after the Newtown killings it would come to light. But no, the public made it a gun control issue. Mental health is a big problem - who does not know someone who suffers from it? I am hoping Robin William's death will do some good here. Thank you for this post, by the way!

Anonymous said...

This morning (I live in Italy) when read this news I also thougth to the film (What Dreams May Come) and passed time on Wikipedia because I did not remember the title.

In my opinion, about of: "I would rather live with her in Hell than be alone in Heaven." I think that is impossible to stay in Hell for love because the Hell is the negation of love and also that is impossible to stay alone in Heaven, because in the Heaven you are with all the beens you have loved in this life.
(This is only my opinion.)

Papa D said...

Christy, I would love if we could talk more openly but also more compassionately about it. What bothers me deeply are the ideas being expressed now that are casting blame for Robin's suicide - on him simply making the wrong choice, on his political beliefs, on anything but the depression itself. Trivializing depression in ANY way is wrong.

Anonymous, thank you for your comment. I agree that Heaven and Hell are conditions more than places - and that love is the differentiating aspect.