Thursday, April 3, 2014

I Fear Dictatorial Dogmatism

"I have said these things because I fear dictatorial dogmatism, rigidity of procedure and intolerance even more than I fear cigarettes, cards, and other devices the adversary may use to nullify faith and kill religion. Fanaticism and bigotry have been the deadly enemies of true religion in the long past. They have made it forbidding, shut it up in cold grey walls of monastery and nunnery, out of the sunlight and fragrance of the growing world. They have garbed it in black and then in white, when in truth it is neither black nor white, any more than life is black or white, for religion is life abundant, glowing life, with all its shades, colors and hues, as the children of men reflect in the patterns of their lives the radiance of the Holy Spirit in varying degrees.

I pray that men may understand God and the Church, and I pray that the Church may understand men and human nature. With such understandings there must come sympathy and love. Truth and love will save the world."  (Stephen L. Richards, General Conference, April 1932)


Eric said...

Amazing words from a time long gone me thinks. Thanks for sharing!

Jeff Spector said...

an interesting quote. but sometimes I fear using these older quotes is somewhat misleading because it is so easy for the Church to point the finger at other religions and accuse them, but more difficult to look in the mirror and say, "Lord, is it I?"

Ben said...

Wow. Incredible. That is one of the best quotes I've seen. Thanks for sharing.