Monday, February 11, 2013

Some Advice on How to Share the Gospel with Others

1) Quit viewing sharing the Gospel as "missionary work" and just look at it as sharing the Gospel - which centers on sharing yourself and your life. "Missionary work" implies doing something different than living your life - and it implies preaching, when sharing the Gospel sometimes doesn't include preaching at all. 

2) Invite people into your full life - no strings attached regarding baptism. Become their friends - then stay friends no matter the eventual outcome. Don't rush any particular outcome.

3) Invite people to church activities and services - no strings attached regarding baptism - simply because it's an important part of your life. If it's not "missionary work" but just sharing your life, it becomes much more natural.  Be willing to attend other activities and services if friends attend yours.

4) Tell the full-time missionaries quietly and privately that you will introduce them to anyone who is with you, but only in the same way you introduce everyone else. Introduce them in the middle of other introductions and move on immediately to regular members. Ask others to meet with the missionaries to be taught the discussions whenever the time is right - not earlier.

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