Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Tender and Very Powerful Post about the Atonement and Our Own Relationships

The Atonement and Human Reconciliation - PCB (By Common Consent)

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Anonymous said...

That was truly wonderful and I'm glad you posted it.
I buried my mother just after Christmas, and whilst I choose to honour her in memorialising her accomplishments, I think it's important that I remember her flawed humanity also.By doing so I am reminded to honour myself and what I have accomplished in not handing the family heritage of conflict, rivalry and bitterness on to my children. With any luck they will have little or no idea of what I have achieved, I hope it will be the ground they stand on.
I guess my point is that forgiveness may need to include the caution that comes from experience of individuals who's behaviour is damaging, in order to learn from it.We may need to actively limit that persons presence in our lives whilst they live in order to minimise further damage. Sad, but true.
But that's who she was with me. In the presence of her Father she may become someone quite else, redeemed from the damage that was her birthright.I like to think of the trusting baby that she was born to be,it helps me to forgive what she became.