Friday, August 13, 2010

Modern Visions

I believe that visions and other spiritual manifestations continue in our day, but, due to the general lack of acceptance in our society, they simply are not shared as openly.

My wife had a very clear dream concerning a daughter we would have. The most memorable part of the dream was the specific hair color. It was more than obvious; it was VIVID. It also was completely clear to my wife that this was an individual child - and that the dream really was a “manifestation”. Since my wife normally is not a “dreamer”, this one stayed with her.

Without that dream, we might have stopped earlier than we did, but she knew we hadn’t had that baby yet. We do now. It’s easy for others to discount that experience, but to us it is crystal clear.

I have had a couple of “visions” in my life, but nothing like those described by Joseph and many early saints - or like the one I just described of my wife's. Mine are more like suddenly seeing something very clearly in picture form - and they are unique for me in that I simply don’t “see” things in picture form, ever. I just am not a visual person.

That also highlights the last reason, in my opinion, that we live in a less “visionary” time. We define “visions” in light of “spectacular” events and often fail to recognize our own experiences as visions.

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