Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yes, But Who Is He Really?

Why I Have a Testimony - Wilfried Decoo (Times & Seasons)


Laura said...

"it seems impossible for someone to write hundreds of pages instilled with intense spiritual power and dynamic moralism, knowing that the basis of it is deceit. And then close with Moroni’s promise."

THanks so much for sharing this. I'd never thought of it like that before. Writing the BOM and organizing the church brought criticism from all sides. I can't imagine a person would suffer as much as he did unless he actually saw what he saw.

Jared said...

Ray--thank you, thank you. It is so refreshing to feel the power of a witness like brother Decco shared. Especially in the Bloggernacle.

The Lord customizes our Spiritual experiences so we can weather the storms of life He knows we will travel through. Brother Decco was given one evidenced by his tenacious commitment to it by standing fast until his parents yielded. I have great respect for this man. He appears to be a rare personality.

Thanks for posting it.