Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Life Isn't about God Reaching out to Us

As a history teacher by training, I am convinced that the world has been the world and that evil has been evil pretty much throughout history.  I don't think "the world" is worse now than it has been in the past, especially when I look back and see every bad now in other times.  Modern technology has made the scope of availability of evil larger, and we are able to know about more now than ever before, but there is so much more good in many ways in our current world that didn't exist in other times, as well. 

The only important difference I see concerning the nature of good and evil has been the attitudes of certain people at certain times in certain places that transcended history and created something unique and special. The City of Enoch is a great example of this, and even that can be viewed, with real meaning, as either a literal occurrence or a mythological parable which we should strive to recreate. 

What I take from this is that my life and purpose is not about how things used to be; it's about how things can be, if we make them be different than they naturally will be.

In that sense, primarily, this life isn't about God reaching out to us and promising a glorious future in another world; it's about us (gods) reaching out to each other (gods) and collectively establishing Zion in the here and now.

I think that's the greatest lesson we can take from the life of Jesus, of Nazareth, as well.  

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