Monday, April 6, 2015

How I Stay Sane when Dealing with People Who See Things Differently than I Do

I was asked once how I stay sane when dealing with people, especially in church but also elsewhere, who see and do things differently than I do - and more particularly when they are a leader of some kind.  The person who asked already knew about my realization early in life that I see things differently, so he didn't want the typical, initial answer I give to that question.  ("I have been practicing for decades.")  I thought about it, trying to be as brief and concise as possible.  The following is what I eventually told him:

People are people. I don't expect more than that. 

I really do believe that we often over-think things and make them far more complicated than they need to be.  In this case, simply remembering that all of us are human and, therefore, make mistakes (even serious ones), can make sanity a given and free us to find peace and joy. 

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