Thursday, October 10, 2013

What if My Spiritual Experiences are All in My Head?

Near the end of the final Harry Potter book, Harry asks Dumbledore if what they are experiencing is real or if it's all in his head. Dumbledore responds by saying:

Of course, it's all in your head - but that doesn't make it any less real.

There is a really powerful principle in that quote, relative to a lot of things we discuss here, at other sites online and even at church. 

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Anonymous said...

Truly, I am to the point I think maybe it all--every burning bosom-- is in our head. I and my husband, independently of one another, had a very strong impression. It wasn't necessarily what we both wanted, (so we didn't give ourselves the impression) but we were willing to do it. We felt what we thought was the Holy Ghost. When that didn't turn out to be true, my husband moved on. Me personally, now every time I pray I think so if I feel good about this it might be right or it might not. Compound that with the fact that my patriarchal blessing is pretty close to fiction and I just keep thinking either everything is in my head or the Lord lies to us.