Saturday, October 5, 2013

General Conference Expectations: A Short Thought

As General Conference starts today, I want to reprise something I wrote a while ago about leadership in general.  I think it applies to General Conference, as well - and I think not understanding it and having unrealistic expectations contributes greatly toward some people's disappointment in what they hear at General Conference.

What do I expect from the speakers at General Conference?  

That they try their best to deliver messages that will enlighten, uplift, help or touch as many people as possible - or a particular portion of those who listen and/or watch. Period.  End of answer.  

I believe that, generally, those who are called as leaders are inspired more often than not, but I believe that's because they are sincere and try to seek inspiration. At the root, however, all I expect is their best effort - since that's all I can promise when I'm on the receiving end of the expectations.

After all, in the LDS Church, our leaders are us.

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