Monday, October 14, 2013

My Experience Giving Blessings

I have given literally hundreds of Priesthood blessings in my life, and I have come to accept that I only can say what comes into my mind and hope it is inspired and helpful in some way.

I always go into a blessing hoping and praying to be a conduit for God's voice, since I have had a few such experiences that were undeniable, but that is out of literally hundreds of blessings I've given in my life. It probably works out to about 1%-2% as undeniable voice of God experiences, 1%-5% as probably my own best but perhaps mistaken thoughts and 90%-95% as not sure if they were God's will but good words of comfort that helped in some way.

I'm ok with that, since I believe God doesn't micro-manage our lives every time we want or need a blessing - and I'm willing to muddle through hundreds of comforting encouragements to experience the unmistakable revelatory experiences that I have experienced as a result of being willing to put myself in the position to experience them.

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