Monday, November 19, 2012

The Church Orchestra Plays a Beautiful Sound - but Only if All the Instruments Are Appreciated

Piccolos are the highest pitched, shrillest instruments - and I think that's probably why Elder Wirthlin chose them to use as the example of the instrument God doesn't just value in His orchestra. ("Concern for the One")

It's important to have piccolos in the orchestra if you want the full range of sounds, since nothing else emits that particular sound, but it's just as important to hear the other instruments playing. The fullness of the Gospel isn't understood, in my opinion, unless all the instruments are playing together and in tune - and I see "unity" as a fullness of harmonic sound, not everyone playing the same melody. It's up to those who play the instrument that is in the largest section and tends to dominate in volume to allow all the other instruments to play, be heard and feel appreciated. 
I've heard the full harmony played in a ward in which I lived, and it's a gorgeous sound.

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jen said...

I love being a part of an orchestra, and one of the biggest reasons is the feeling of everyone coming together. I play the violin - which carries the melody more often than any other instrument... but even my part doesn't sound very good when there's just me.

Playing in the symphony orchestra is one of the most moving, spiritual experiences I have ever had. It's the perfect example of how connected and important everyone is.