Friday, November 23, 2012

Some Interesting Facts about the Mormon Aposltes

After the 2010 April General Conference, I thought it would be interesting to compile some not-well-known information about the apostles at that time - some things that might surprise some of you now.  At that time:

1) The First Presidency hadn't had someone who was an undergraduate at BYU in over ten years.

2) Only five of the 15 apostles had undergraduate degrees from BYU.

3) Harvard was the second most frequently attended college or university for some level of degree.

4) Pres. Uchtdorf is a convert (as everyone knows); Elder Scott's father was a convert.

5) The First Presidency averaged 3.67 children; the six senior apostles not in the First Presidency averaged 7.5 chlidren - and Elder Perry was the only one with less than seven; the six junior apostles averaged 3.3 children - and none of them had more than five).  

6) There were more apostles who were educators than any other occupation; there were only three former lawyers and two former business executives; the other occupations were: publishing, pilot (two others were pilots in the military), accountant, doctor, salesman and nuclear engineer. 

7) SIX of the apostles did not serve a mission (mostly due to wartime military service), and, of the other nine, only one served in the United States; the other eight all served in a foreign country. 

and a bonus "fact" - although I haven't checked it, so it might just be a classic Mormon myth:

The first "bleep" of a swear word over the radio on any program was J. Golden Kimball in his talk on the first radio broadcast session of General Conference. [I just LOVE the irony, if that is true!]

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~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I love trivia when it involves church history--THANKS for sharing, my Sunday school class will love it too!