Thursday, November 15, 2012

God will work with what we give him. We could do worse.

The following post is a very thought-provoking look at God and politics in our scriptures: 

God does not particularly care about your civil liberties - John C. (By Common Consent)


Unknown said...

Wow! That is one where the comments don't help illuminate the post much, do they?

As for the original post, I think that we can become closer to God in any circumstances. Having medical problems that haven't allowed me to attend church for almost 6 months, and may continue for at least another 6, could lead to a falling away IF my testimony was based on church attendance. Luckily, it isn't, and The Lord continues to validate my worth by inspiring my to do His work, in ways that my limitations still allow. :-)

Papa D said...

Yeah, if the comments don't enlighten, I don't mention them. lol

My testimony isn't based on attendance, either. We can do His work regardless, as much as I like attending church.