Saturday, June 2, 2012

We Are Done Driving, Unloading and Situating the Big Stuff. I'm Exhausted. Good Night.

2,209 miles in 4.5 days - caravan-ing across country in a moving truck and a van, both packed to overflowing - with my wife and I driving the entire time - with three kids along for the ride - etc., etc., etc. 

We're safe; we've returned the truck; we have a gazillion boxes in the garage and house (give or take a billion or so); we're exhausted.  However, thankfully, we're safe.  That is the most important thing right now - along with falling asleep ASAP.  (*grin*) 

My life still will be hectic for a while, but it's settling back into a rhythm of sorts - and I'm grateful for that. 


Ellen said...

Welcome home!

Matthew said...

Glad it's all done and that everything went smoothly! :D

Lucy said...