Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Honoring Not Just the "Heroes" but Also the "Common Fodder" of War

On this, the anniversary of D-Day, I want to provide a link to a post from last year on this date.  It is a bit hard to follow at first, but please bear with it.  The part I want to highlight most comes after the mathematical equation in the middle of the post.  

My own feelings are summed up nicely in comment #5 by "As Sistas in Zion":

If you look at war briefly without looking beyond the surface it may seem that those who have given their lives have provided the ultimate sacrifice, but we should not overlook the sacrifice of those who have escaped death, but are left to live with the aftermath of being pushed “to the brink of moral destruction.”

Boundaries - WVS (By Common Consent)

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Anonymous said...

My heart breaks for the losses of my parents and grandparents, and God alone knows what the reverberations are down the generations. The heroism is simply incomprehensible to my generation. The science and engineering, the sheer ingenuity, are unbelievable.

We have a family member who was honoured for his heroism in support of the french resistance with the croix de guerre. His consequent life was a broken thing, he was all used up. The first we knew of his heroism was at his funeral. So sad.