Friday, June 8, 2012

If You Could Choose a Church Calling, What Would It Be?

Just curious.  For me:

1) Nursery leader was wonderful! I would do it again in a heartbeat.

2) I'm not exactly shy (as everyone in the entire Bloggernacle knows), and I really like to organize and give talks (surprise, surprise) - so I really enjoyed being on the High Council. It helped to have sincere, humble Stake Presidents whom I admire greatly.

3) I had an incredibly humble, gentle, loving Bishop when I was a counselor - and the Bishopric included people with radically different political and religious views. I'd choose that calling without hesitation if I could choose the Bishop, and especially if I could recreate the diversity of the Bishopric.

4) Primary pianist - again, in a heartbeat. Listening to the kids sing . . . gives me chills again just remembering it.


Grant said...

Wow! I agree with 2 and 3, although I've never been on a High Council. I had a very similar experience in a bishopric, though. And 1 isn't bad as long as it could be a joint calling with my wife as nursery leader - she's just great at that. (I can't play the piano for 4.)

Bonnie said...

Primary chorister was WAY fun. Costumes, voices, wild antics.

LOVED nursery leader.

Enjoy GD Teacher now.

I have amnesia and always think the calling I have is the best. Except when I was the 8-9 year old teacher. Tweens should all be buried until they're ripe.

Anonymous said...

Primary pianist. And you know what? Lucky me -- that's been my calling for the last 5 years.


Ryan said...

Primary chorister, hands down. Especially with the wife at the piano.

Patty said...

Relief Society secretary- I loved being a part of things and having assignments and being able to help, but not having to be in charge or have to do much public speaking. I know that wouldn't give me as much growth, but I sure would love to do it again!

Matthew said...

Honestly, my answer to this would have been different a few years ago, but honestly, right now, being calling free as I am is perfect and I have no interest in having any calling, no matter how small, for now.

That said, I imagine that just as my answer would have been different before, it will be different in the future. :D

Anonymous said...

Early morning seminary teacher.
The kids are really great. You get to bury yourself in the scriptures. You can be creative and crazy. You get to bear your testimony a gozillion times.

Nora Ray said...

Family HIstory Center Director. I loved being able to help others
find family and then see the work get done.

Public Relations at the Ward level (not a calling anymore) because it was missionary work without giving up the internet!