Monday, April 16, 2012

No Fishing in the Ponds of Past Mistakes

A wonderful sister in Arlington, MA told my wife years ago something profound when my wife was struggling to care for our young children each Sunday while I served as the Seminary teacher in a small branch miles away. It was hard, and my wife wondered aloud one day why I couldn't be there to help her.

My memory version of what Sister Sloan told her is:

There is a bridge spanning a canyon that is very deep. Far below the bridge a small stream runs through the canyon. The local people regularly take pieces of paper, write their hurt feelings and bitterness on the paper and drop them from the bridge to the stream below. In the middle of the bridge, where the people drop their notes, is a sign which says, simply:



Bonnie said...

So true! How many times do we "cast our burdens on the Lord" then come back and take them back!

Gwennaƫlle said...

I made a copy and paste of this and sent it to my RS president and to another friend. I did not copy and paste the link to your blog because I am afraid they'll find me and I don't want this. Although I am pretty sure that I have told several times one of the two about your blog but I am 100% sure that she never came and forgot about it :P
So I am safe :D