Monday, April 30, 2012

Charity Simply is Pure Intent

A couple of years ago, I was discussing charity with a friend, and she said something I want to share: 

Charity is about intention, in my humble opinion.Suffering more in kindness, therefore, is an act of charity with the purest of intentions: no expectations.
Using that as the framework, envy is breaking the emotional health, the pure intention. It comes with baggage: expectations. "Why am I not as 'blessed' as he is?"
Again, if the charity is pure, the intention pure, the expectation is non-existent. Thus, there could be no envy, for, without expectation, there is nothing to "compare and contrast". It all simply is what it is.
Pure, unconditional love will indeed suffer more in kindness. And, that kindness will extend to all, both directly and indirectly. Without external expectations, or internal expectations for that matter, there is no scoreboard, no "what have you done for me lately".
It's simply pure intent.


Anonymous said...

I love this! I think we have to get to this point, raw, humble, unadorned with our expectations, before we can be an instrument in the hands of God. And it is our ultimate protection as well, because it is only through unmet personal expectations or that envy that causes us to question ourselves or God that can induce us to leave the path or be embarrassed about a tree and its fruit. Nice.

Chantelle said...

What a wonderful definition, I've never heard charity explained in this way before, and it is beautiful.

Thank you for posting it! And what wonderful insight your friend has :-)

Take care,

Howard said...

Very well expressed! Charity comes from the authentic ego-less us and so does communing with the Spirit. This is the path to becoming Godlike.

Richard Alger said...


Anonymous said...

I love the expression 'I do not want what I have not got'. Thankyou for reminding me of this.