Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Great or Horrible PMS Joke: You Decide

I came across the post to which I originally linked randomly, without having read any of the author's other writings.  Due to the input in the comments, I did a little checking and agree with Ardis.  Therefore, I have removed the link and added this paragraph. 

I apologize sincerely for providing the link in the first place.  Thank you, Ardis, for making me aware of the nature of other things the author has written.  I certainly do not want to promote his overall content in any way.


Ardis said...

It isn't funny, and neither are any of its many versions. Larry Richman isn't funny, either, and his blog often carries really ugly political and sexual jokes that make this one seem cute. I think if his employers realized how ugly his personal humor is, he wouldn't be publishing a blog linked to his church employment.

Bonnie said...

Hmmm. So men never state that things are the way they are because they just are ... and women for 6000 years have been dealing with stone and wood and glass ceilings because they like ceilings, created by men who think that the way things are is sufficient without explanation ... hmmmmmm.

Papa D said...

Ardis, I haven't read any of his other stuff. I came across this one randomly. I trust your assessment of his overall work and will change this post immediately.

Thanks for the input.