Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Real Measure of Charity

I see "pure Mormonism" as the most charitable of all Christian theologies - both in the way it treats God and His children. (and I think very, very few people understand what I mean by a charitable treatment of God - but that's for another post)

I see various problems in the Church at all levels and in all eras in understanding, internalizing and living pure Mormonism - but that's true, unfortunately, of ALL ideals taught everywhere. People generally stink at living ideals. Therefore, all I really can do is strive to become more charitable and help others to do so, as well - all the while continuing to be charitable to those who aren't charitable themselves. That, I believe, is the real measure of charity - how we view and treat the uncharitable.


Don said...

I suppose you're right. Even a scumbag is a child of our Father in Heaven. And a truly charitable person shouldn't care what anyone else does ever. But I have to admit you've got me with "pure Mormonism." I've never heard of such a thing and I seriously doubt you could put ten Mormons in a room and get them to agree on what it is.

Papa D said...

I would have a hard time defining it concisely if I tried, Don - so I agree with your last statement. However, I'm fine with that, since it really does point to the fact that Mormons aren't all robotic sheep who all think alike.

Now, given the post content, I need to make sure I'm being as charitable as possible to those who think we are robotic sheep.