Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Best 25 Years of My Life

Twenty-five years ago tomorrow Mama said "Yes" to a simple question in the Provo temple.  It changed my life, and I will be grateful eternally for her answer.  She loves "our songs" - so I thought I would pay tribute to my eternal companion in a way that she does regularly on her own blog for special occasions.  

The following are two of "our songs" that express very well how I feel:

Colin Raye is one of our favorite singers.  He has a lot of our favorite songs, but this one has a wonderfully appropriate message: 

Air Supply sang many the romantic songs of our teenage dating years.  The one below came out just before I left on my mission - and Mama listened to it regularly while I was gone, since it applied so well to our situation at the time.   


I love you, Michan! 


Mama D said...

These have been the best 25 years of my life, too. I love you, Ray!!

Christy said...

Happy anniversary to you both. I love your story and how both of you tell it.

Matthew said...

Happy Anniversary and many Happy Returns!