Friday, December 2, 2011

Finding Your Blessed Abnormality

I understand the need for organizational conformity with regard to certain things, but I absolutely LOVE the concept that nobody is "normal" - and that part of fulfilling the measure of MY own, individual creation is finding where I have a "blessed abnormality" and magnifying it.

I really believe each and every one of us can accomplish **something** unique in this life - and I believe part of why we are alive is to find and accomplish that unique aspect of our own individual creation.

Harvard explains its objective as working to admit and create "well-lopsided" students - meaning students who can follow any non-technical discussion about any topic but who understand one topic deeply. It is a recognition educationally of this concept - that everyone is unique in some way, and part of being truly educated is finding and magnifying one's uniqueness. I believe in the spiritual manifestation of that concept as much as I believe in the educational effort.


Christy said...

I love this post and have shared it with a couple of important people in my life. I have come to know this truth and would like to add that often what we see as a weakness in ourselves is in fact that "blessed abnormality" and that if we learn how we can use that "weakness" to serve others, we will begin to understand and see it as a gift. In my case it is being extremely sensitive and easily hurt, but I learned through personal revelation that my sensitivity only hurts when I apply it to myself, and that in fact I have been given it as a gift so that I can be especially sensitive to others. And since then it has helped me to create or mend a few relationships.

Papa D said...

What a wonderful insight, Christy. Thank you for sharing it.